Undergraduate students who begin JHU as a freshman are eligible for 8 semesters of aid, and transfer students are eligible for 4-6 semesters of aid depending on whether or not they entered JHU as a sophomore or junior. If a student takes a leave of absence or performs poorly in their classes, they may not graduate in time and will need additional semesters of aid. You will work with your academic advisor to fill out the request form for financial aid consideration, given that you continue to demonstrate financial need.

Example Scenarios

Example 1

John started his freshman year at Hopkins in the fall of 2019 with an original graduation of spring 2023. During his last term, John fell ill, and withdrew from two of his four courses and received a failing grade in a third course. Over the summer, John recovered from his illness and plans to return to Hopkins in fall of 2024 for a 9th semester to complete his degree. He will work with his academic advisor to request financial aid consideration to cover his final semester of classes.

Example 2

Jane is a sophomore that took a medical leave of absence in the spring semester. She wants to use the following summer term to complete the classes that she missed in the spring, as this would keep her on track to graduate on time. This is also considered an additional semester of aid. Jane will work with her academic advisor to request financial aid consideration during the summer term.

Watch this Quick Video on Additional Semester Appeals

Federal Aid Limits

The U.S. Department of Education places limits on how much aid a student can receive per year, but also over the course of their education.

  • Federal loans—Dependent undergraduate students are limited to borrowing no more than $31,000 in total.
    • There are also annual limits in place.
  • Federal Pell Grant—Undergraduate students (both independent and dependent) may receive the equivalent of 12 full-time semesters’ payments. Pell Grants disbursed in summer and at prior institutions count towards this figure.

Students attending for an additional year may see a reduced amount of Pell Grant and/or federal loans. Review your federal aid history at studentaid.gov to determine how much aid you may have remaining.

State Grant Limits

There are some MD scholarships with term limits. Review the MHEC website for more information about scholarship term limits.