Most juniors and seniors live off campus in non-university housing. Your financial aid will be based on a Cost of Attendance that includes an estimate for nine months of off-campus living expenses. Review the FAQs below to learn about how living off campus impacts your aid. 

Moving Off Campus FAQs

How does moving off campus change my financial aid eligibility?

If you move off campus, you can expect your financial aid to be decreased because it typically costs less than living on campus. This won’t result in additional out-of-pocket costs as long as your off-campus living expenses don’t exceed our estimates. Learn more by visiting our Cost & Tuition page.

This estimate does not include the summer semester. If you sign a 12-month lease, you are responsible for covering the remaining three months not included in your financial aid offer.

Does Hopkins provide money for rent and food?

Off-campus housing and food expenses are included in your estimated cost of attendance, which impacts your eligibility for need-based financial aid. Since off-campus living expenses are factored into your aid eligibility, institutional scholarships could exceed your tuition costs. In that case, you would receive a refund that could be used to help pay for rent and food. Refunds are processed by the Student Accounts Office using the Flywire system for distribution based on your preferred method on file.

What if my financial aid offer is less than tuition charges?

Your aid will be applied toward tuition, and your family must pay the remaining balance on the bill. Your Hopkins bill will be less than when you lived on campus because it will not include room and meal plan charges. The amount your family previously paid for your on-campus room and meal plan should now help cover your monthly rent and food expenses.

What if my off-campus expenses are higher than the estimated cost?

If your actual costs are higher than the estimated cost, you and your family are expected to cover the difference. Requests for additional aid due to higher off-campus living expenses are only considered when there are special circumstances (e.g., medical reasons, care for a dependent, etc.). Contact us to discuss your options.

What other resources are available to help my family cover off-campus housing costs?

Although loans are not included in your financial aid offer, your family can borrow to cover off-campus expenses. Parents can borrow a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan and students can use a Federal Student Loan or private educational loan (most students will need a credit-worthy co-signer). Loans are credited first to your tuition bill. The Student Accounts Office will issue a refund if this creates a balance on your account.

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