If you’re thinking about studying abroad, give the Global Education Office and Student Financial Support advanced notice of your trip to ensure all potential program expenses are considered. Review the below information and FAQs to understand how studying abroad impacts your financial aid.

Study Abroad Financial Aid

All financial aid can be applied toward the cost of your program. Student Financial Support will modify your cost of attendance based on the estimated cost of attendance provided by the Global Education Office. Hopkins Scholarships will be based on the adjusted cost of your study abroad program.

Billing for Study Abroad

If you study abroad, you’ll be billed for the cost of your program, a study abroad fee, housing costs (if applicable), and the optional student health insurance plan. You’ll pay Hopkins directly; then, we’ll make payments to cover your study abroad program fee and applicable housing costs.

You will be responsible for additional costs, like airfare, personal expenses, meals, travel, and incidentals.

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Study Abroad FAQs

How will studying abroad impact my aid eligibility?

The Global Education Office provides an estimated cost of attendance for each program cost of attendance. Studying abroad can cost more or less than a semester at Hopkins, depending on certain variables like your program and location. If your program is more expensive than attending Hopkins (and if you are Hopkins need-based aid), your Hopkins scholarship will be increased to help support the cost of the more expensive study abroad program.  If your program is less expensive than attending Hopkins, your Hopkins Scholarship will be reduced dollar for dollar.

Study at Homewood Campus Example:

This student lives off campus with a total of $77,653 total cost of attendance.

  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC): $10,000
  • Demonstrated Need: $67,653
  • Work Study: $2,700
  • Hopkins Scholarship: $64,953

Study Abroad Example One (lower cost of attendance):

This same student is considering a study abroad program in Scotland, with an overall cost of attendance of $74,640.

  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC): $10,000
  • Demonstrated Need: $64,640
  • Work-Study: $0*
  • Hopkins Scholarship: $64,640

*Work-study is not available for students studying abroad.

Study Abroad Example Two (higher cost of attendance):

This same student is considering a study abroad program in Japan, with an overall cost of attendance of $83,010.

  • Estimated Family Contribution (EFC): $10,000
  • Demonstrated Need: $73,010
  • Work-Study: $0*
  • Hopkins Scholarship: $73,010

*Work-study is not available for students studying abroad.

What happens to my Federal Work-Study or Hopkins Work Opportunity offer?

If you receive need-based aid, your offer will be replaced with Hopkins Scholarship funding when you study abroad.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad during the summer or intersession?

In most cases, financial aid does not apply to summer and intersession programs. You may be eligible for external study abroad scholarships. You must be enrolled at least part-time to use loan assistance for summer and intersession programs.

I need to pay a deposit for my upcoming program now. Where do I send the money?

If you study abroad, you’ll be charged for the program on your student account, just like if you were on campus. You can view and pay your student account balance in SIS after selecting the “View My Bill” option. If there are no charges on your bill yet, contact Student Accounts to learn more about making a deposit for your program.

I need to pay for a visa, travel costs, etc. Can you disburse my aid early?

In most cases, no. Financial aid is disbursed for study abroad participants at the same time that aid is disbursed for all students ten days before the start of the semester at Hopkins, so you should plan accordingly to cover upfront costs. Ask your financial aid adviser for more information.

I have a form that needs to be completed for my program with a financial aid section. Can your office complete the form?

Hopkins does not complete contractual agreements or payment deferral forms. Contact the Global Education Office with any additional questions or concerns. We can, however, complete a scholarship application after updating your financial aid to reflect study abroad costs. Contact us for more information.

Will I get a refund if I receive financial aid and have a credit balance?

Yes. If you have a credit balance after financial aid is deposited into your account, your refund will be processed. You must create a Flywire account and update your refund preferences to prevent delayed disbursement. Refund requests cannot be processed any earlier than ten days before the first day of classes at Hopkins, so if your study abroad program has a different start date, plan accordingly.