We’ve gathered this list of commonly asked questions related to COVID-19 to support you and your family with any unique pandemic-related circumstances. Visit our Coronavirus Information page for the latest about Johns Hopkins University and COVID-19.


Can I get help with the cost of changing my travel plans because of COVID?

Yes, if you need to travel home unexpectedly, SFS may be able to help. Please complete the Budget Adjustment Request form, available online in Student Information System (SIS), to tell us about your specific situation and the assistance you need. We’ll review your request and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Can I get financial aid to help with the cost of a computer?

Yes. If you are eligible for need-based financial aid, you can request a Technology Grant to assist in the purchase of a computer. Technology Grants will only be offered once during a student’s undergraduate career and are subject to a funding cap of $2,000.

Students can submit a request using the Budget Adjustment Request form in the SIS. Price quotes or receipts should accompany all requests. Technology Grants will be considered for laptop or desktop computer costs and other peripheral devices (e.g., keyboard, mouse, headphones, external monitor). Tablets, phones, or other stand-alone technology will not be considered.

For help selecting a computer, we encourage you to check out the Student Laptop Purchase Program in the Technology Store for recommendations.

How do I contact Student Financial Support?

We encourage you and your family to contact our office to discuss any financial concerns. You can also request assistance using the Budget Adjustment Request form.