If unexpected student expenses are impacting your ability to manage college costs, we encourage you to submit a budget adjustment request. More information about the budget adjustment process and required documentation can be found below. 

How to Submit a Budget Adjustment Request

Budget Adjustment Requests for 2024-25 will not be reviewed prior to July 1, 2024. Any requests sent prior to this date will need to be resubmitted.

To submit a budget adjustment request, log into your SIS account. Under the “Financial Aid” tab, select “Online Forms” and then “FA – Budget Adjustment Request Form.” (Instructions to help locate the form can be found here.) Submit the form, along with all required supporting documentation. In the written statement portion of the form, be sure to explain how your request meets the criteria explained in the next section.  

If you’ve already submitted an appeal with documentation and need to submit additional documentation, please use our supplemental form. Be sure to include your full name and date of birth on all pages of materials you submit. 

Once we receive your budget adjustment request, we will review it and respond as quickly as possible, generally within 5-10 business days. If we need more information in order to process your budget adjustment request, your financial aid adviser will reach out, so be sure to keep an eye on your email. 

Factors We Consider


The COA component for transportation is meant to cover two round trips, to and from campus for the beginning and end of term. The budget adjustment is for unexpected family emergencies. Any expenses for personal travel are not covered and cannot be considered for an adjustment.  

Documentation required:

  • A written statement explaining the request. 
  • Receipt/proof of purchase of tickets or mileage.  

Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipmen

The COA already has a generous consideration for books and supplies. This BAR should only be submitted if the required expenses exceed this. You must demonstrate that the textbooks and/or supplies required for your courses exceed the books, course materials, supplies, and equipment component of the COA.  

Documentation required:

  • Syllabus/list of required textbooks/supplies with associated costs. 

Computer Purchase

Students may request a one-time adjustment during their undergraduate degree of up to $2,000 towards purchasing a laptop or desktop computer, along with necessary peripherals like keyboards and monitors. Other devices, like tablets and phones, will not be approved.  

Documentation required:

  • Receipt/proof of purchase OR documentation of price (i.e., a screenshot showing the cost of the computer you intend to buy).

Medical Expenses

Students may request a lifetime total of $5,000 of grant assistance with emergency medical expenses. You must demonstrate that the expense was not covered by insurance and was for unexpected medical expenses, not elective/routine care. If expenses exceed $5,000, student may be eligible for loan eligibility. 

Documentation required:

  • Receipt/proof of expenses. 

On-Campus Housing/Living Expenses

Your COA for on-campus living covers the cost of an average double room and a standard meal plan. Students who choose more expensive rooms or meal plans are expected to cover the additional expense unless there are special circumstances such as medical accommodations.

Documentation required:

  • Proof of special circumstances. 

Off-Campus Housing/Living Expenses

Your COA for off-campus living covers the average cost of rent and utilities for a room in a shared house or apartment near campus and groceries and other household expenses for the nine-month academic year. Students whose costs exceed the budgeted amount are expected to cover the additional expense unless there are special circumstances, such as medical accommodations. To calculate your expenses, prorate your lease for 9 months (if 12-month lease), review a month’s worth of groceries, and total utilities. Compare against the COA component to determine if expenses exceed it. 

Documentation required:

  • Proof of special circumstance and documentation of expenses such as lease, utility bills, or a month of grocery bills. 


For an additional expense to be included in your COA, you must be able to demonstrate that the expense is necessary to your successful enrollment at Hopkins and that your COA does not otherwise cover it. 

Documentation required:

  • Receipt/proof of expenses
  • Proof of special circumstances.